About us

VaccinClaim.com is an initiative set up by the Dutch foundation, Stichting Vaccinatieveiligheid. This independent foundation was established to represent citizens who have suffered serious damage as a consequence of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme. All costs are covered by small contributions from claimants and donations from sympathisers.

By now, millions of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered. Perhaps thousands of Dutch citizens are now dealing with serious side effects as a result. Some of them have suffered permanent injury. Examples include heart failure, cerebral infarction, menstruation disruptions, myocarditis or thrombosis. In addition to the more than 160,000 reports of side effects, Lareb has also received reports of 546 deaths.

VaccinClaim.com brings victims of COVID-19 vaccinations together in order to submit a collective claim by these parties. You can register on VaccinClaim.com, after which a specialist will contact you. Stichting Vaccinatieveiligheid takes no position on the efficacy of the vaccines. In the Netherlands, we work with lawfirm Maes Law based in Breda.

Elke Lenting

CEO of Maes Law

“Unwilling claimant in the case opposing the corona pass.”

Bart Maes

Partner / Attorney at Maes Law

"Now an unwilling specialist in corona issues."