Stichting Vaccinatieveiligheid creates a claim site for COVID-19 vaccination damage.

Since the start of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, more than 164,000 cases of side effects have been reported to Lareb. Individuals who have suffered serious injury as a result of the vaccination can register starting today on Victims that register for individual or collective claims will immediately be put into contact with the right specialist.

Side effects may be rare, but mass vaccinations can still cause thousands of people to suffer side effects and may even cause death. By offering a central platform for submitting claims and offering to pursue claim cases, we ensure that any damage suffered can be recovered.

“According to the publications issued by government agencies around the world, the side effects include myocarditis, heart attacks, cerebral infarction, menstruation disruptions and allergic reactions. We offer a platform for everyone who wants to recover demonstrable vaccination damage,” says Mr Filippini.

The platform is an initiative set up by the Dutch foundation, Stichting Vaccinatieveiligheid, which acts as an independent intermediary for handling collective and other claims for demonstrable damage resulting from vaccination. will soon expand into an international platform.

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Stichting Vaccinatieveiligheid
Mr L.T.C. Filippini